Owner Chat Abilities

When you create a fantasy football league on MyFantasyLeague.com, you are the commissioner of the league, and you have full control of all of the league settings and options.  Our philosophy is that the commissioner has complete control of the league, and therefore ultimately has full control of the owners and their abilities within the league.  To that end, each league has the “Abilities Setup” menu item on the “For Commissioners > Setup” screen that allows them to control the various functions that each owner is able to access.  By default, all owners have full abilities.  Some of the abilities that can be controlled include the following:

  • Submit Lineups
  • Perform Waiver or Free Agent Moves
  • Propose and Accept Trades
  • Change Franchise Setup Info
  • Post to Message Board
  • Customize Home Page Appearance

Depending on the league, there are times when the commissioner needs or wants to limit the abilities of some or all of the owners to perform these types of functions.  For example, if you want to disable teams from making trades during the playoffs, but only for those teams that are no longer in the playoff race, then you can use this Abilities Setup screen to selectively disable trades for just those teams as needed.

This week, we added another option to the Abilities Setup screen for controlling the ability for owners to “Post to League Chat.”  If you want to be able to disable a specific franchise owner from participating in the league chat, you can now do that as needed.  It fills out the other communication related functions that are already available on this screen, such as “Post to Message Board”, “Write League Article”, and “Create League Poll.”


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