Spring Cleaning at MyFantasyLeague.com

As long-time customers know, here at MyFantasyLeague.com we pride ourselves in trying to have the most feature-rich fantasy football league managment site on the web.  We’ve been hard at work on that goal for over 14 years now.

There’s a down-side to all of those features, however – too many features makes our site too hard to use for some folks, especially new customers who might not be familiar with the MyFantasyLeague.com style of league management.  Folks who come over from simpler league management systems, like Yahoo!, for example, can easily be overwhelmed with our site and our features.

With that in mind, what we’re spending some time doing this off-season is a bit of “spring cleaning” – cleaning up existing features to make them easier to use, and in some cases, deprecating certain features.  “Deprecating” is just a way of saying “hiding a feature from a new customer, but keeping that feature available to existing customers.”

Some features that we’ve already deprecated include:

  1. “Offense Minus Defense” scoring.
  2. The “Classic” menu option.
  3. The “Stacked” league layout option.
  4. Buttons at the top of league pages.

We plan on deprecating more features later this off-season, too.  Not only will hiding these features make the site easier to use for new customers, it will also allow us to do some clean-up on the back-end, allowing us to roll out other features easier in the future.

To reiterate, these features will still be available for the time being for customers who have upgraded their 2008 (or prior season) league to  2009, but not for customers who set up a new league in 2009.

As always, feel free to submit a support ticket to us if you have any questions about the features being deprecated, or, if you have any specific parts of the site that you find especially difficult to use, so that we can make the site better for everyone!


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