League Champions Report

We’ve added a new report and a few new options to your league on MyFantasyLeague.com to help you keep track of your championship fantasy football teams from year to year.  For starters, check out the new “League Champions Setup” screen on the “For Commissioners > Setup > History Setup” screen.  You’ll see a pull down list that lets you specify your championship franchise for the current season.  Note that you can specify up to the top 4 teams, so if you want to specify the runner-ups as well as the champions, you are all set.   Then you can do this for each year of history that you have on MyFantasyLeague.com.

After that is done, you and your franchise owners can use the new “Reports > Records > League Champions” report to view the history of all of the championships for your league over the years!  There is also a new Home Page Module called “League Champions” that you can add to your home page as needed.

We’ll continue to add more history oriented features to the system to help you track your league history and keep track of milestones and special accomplishments by players and franchises in the league!


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    […] discussed earlier this month, we added a new League Champions Report that keeps track of the winning franchises in your fantasy football league each season.  Since […]

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