Top Performers Time Frame

The “Top Performers” report is an excellent source of player stats and fantasy scores for your league, as discussed here on this blog last summer.  Now we’ve added even more flexibility to this report to allow you to select the specific time frame of weeks that you want to display.  There is a new “Start Week” and “End Week” selection list at the top of the report, compared to the previous choice of selecting a specific week, or year-to-date, or the past 3 or 6 weeks.  So now you can fine tune your starting and ending week when viewing player scores and stats.  It will still default to the year-to-date option by automatically selecting week 1 as the starting week and the current week as the ending week, so the basic functionality hasn’t changed.  Some examples of ways that you can refine the report now:

  • You can separate the first half of the season from the second half, and generate a report for each half as needed.
  • You can view the past two or three weeks, or any other number of past weeks as needed.
  • You can view just the regular season weeks 1 through 17 even if your league uses the NFL playoff weeks.

Hopefully the new time frame flexibility will help you with your player research for your upcoming draft as well!  Watch for more changes and improvements with the various stat reports in the future.


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2 Responses to “Top Performers Time Frame”

  1. BruteSquad Says:

    Hey Mike, thanks for adding the start and end weeks capability … definitely helpful when I’m trying to compare free agents and 1 of them has been out several weeks due to injury.

    Speaking of the Player Stats report, would there be any way to make the “Avg” column go to at least 1 decimal place? (even though we don’t use decimals in our scoring) It seems the way it is now, it doesn’t sort exactly correctly by the Avg column. For instance on our league’s report, I’ll see:
    Pts Avg
    Cutler 299 20
    Forte 306 20
    Manning 301 20

    Since all 3 players played 15 games (in wks1-16), Cutler should be ranked 3rd, not 1st, since his average is actually less than Forte’s or Mannings. Make sense?

  2. myfantasyleague Says:

    Brute – thanks for the heads-up! This should now be fixed, but if not, please submit a ticket to us from the league where you’re having this problem, and we’d be happy to take a closer look at this for you.

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