Transfer your League History

We’re working on an exciting project for those of you that are upgrading your fantasy football league to from another hosting service this year.  We’ll soon be able to assist you with the process by automatically transferring some of the significant league information (scoring rules, rosters, salaries, schedule, scores, etc).  We’re currently looking for volunteers to help us test this process for various other services.  So if you had a league on Yahoo, Sportsline, Fanball, or another service last season, and you are planning on upgrading to for 2009, be sure to contact us so we can help ease the transition for you! To get started, you can click here to set up a free 2008 historical league on our system.  Then after it is created, use the “Help > Help Center” menu item to submit a support ticket and let us know what service you used last year.  Or send an email to sales (at) for more info and details about getting started.  After a few volunteers and a couple weeks of testing, we’ll post more information here with details on exactly how we can make the upgrade process very smooth for your league while switching from another service.

And don’t forget about our Customer Referral Discount Program.  If you already have a league on and you want to earn a cool $20 discount on your league for next year, just refer a friend or co-worker to our site this year.


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5 Responses to “Transfer your League History”

  1. bonscott Says:

    Good news, should help get new customers.

    I may have missed it but what about past seasons? For example I’ve used MFL since the 2005 season but used FFLM for many years previous to that. Can historical seasons be setup on MFL from my old FFLM files dating back to 1999? If there is a forum post on this feel free to direct me there.

  2. myfantasyleague Says:

    Yes, you can transfer your history from FFLM. Check out this Help Center post for more details. Hopefully that helps point you in the right direction!

  3. Bob Andrews Says:

    The talk of League History reminds me of a question…. Will we eventually be able to add previous champs to the league plaque module?

  4. myfantasyleague Says:

    Yes, you can definitely do that now – see for details on how you can quickly/easily set up a prior season on And then once you do that, you can link that league to your 2009 league, and set up the league champions for that league to make it appear on your 2009 league’s plaque.

  5. Bob Andrews Says:

    OK, I guess I was I was being my usual obtuse self. My league goes back to 1980. For many years it was a ‘paper and pencil’ endeavor and there isn’t a way to import those seasons. What I am looking for is a way to just add years to the plaque.

    I will make the attempt to set up some older seasons via FFLM file import. And I do know that there is a plaque template available but it seems to ‘break’ for me when adding rows.

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