League Championship Plaque



As discussed earlier this month, we added a new League Champions Report that keeps track of the winning franchises in your fantasy football league each season.  Since then, we’ve also added a new League Championship Plaque home page module.  Be sure to check it out if your league has been with MyFantasyLeague.com for more than one season.  It will show your league’s yearly champions on a graphical image of a plaque, complete with the franchise name and owner name for each season.  You can use the “For Commissioners > Setup > Appearance > Home Page Modules and Tabs Setup” screen to add this to your league and to position it where you want.


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2 Responses to “League Championship Plaque”

  1. David Conroy Says:

    Could this possibly be updated to show champions from previous seasons that were not on MFL? We moved from CBS last year, and have about 8 years of history. It would be cool if we could acknowledge the past winners.

  2. John Hagenmaier Says:

    My league’s history goes back to 1990. Any chance you could extend the time frame? Right now, I can’t enter any champions back before 1994.

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